A Cover Page for Dakno.

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Ideal Candidate Submits Resume, Dakno Takes Action, Profits Skyrocket!

How Hiring Hungry Employees Will Feed Your Profits

The Most Unusual Cover Page You’ve Never Read

Part II of Application :

Rhetorical Questions from Job Listing Answered.

Responding to questions from an indeed.com job listing for the job of Creative Copywriter

Are you just bursting with creativity?


Itching to put fingers to keyboard and write the day away?


Know you’re the perfect fit for a copywriting position if only someone would give you a chance?


If so, we think you might be The One.

I’m…The One?

Okay, maybe that’s coming on a little too strong, too fast.

No, I like this. This is nice.

We should probably at least introduce ourselves first.

No, really. It’s ok. You really seem to get me.

We’re Dakno Marketing, a real estate marketing company in Clayton, NC.

Hi Dakno, I’m Dave. I’m moving right near there in approximately 10 days.

Now, if the words “real estate” have you ready to hit the back button to move on to other job postings-

No, those words are fine. I accept you.

Hear us out.


We know real estate isn’t the flashiest topic in the world, but we think the right person can really make it pop. We’re envisioning the kind of person who has the enthusiasm and energy to make even real estate listings exciting.

What’s more exciting than helping someone find their dream home? It’s the American Dream! Am I not American? Do I not dream?

We want someone who can produce the kind of copy that would make HGTV jealous.

Maybe something like:

10 Inspiring Country Getaways, That The Whole Family Will Love.
Need Inspiration? See Happens When This Single Mom Decides To Dream Big.

Our ideal candidate-

My ideal employer.

-Our ideal candidate, has experience in travel or real estate writing, or at least some type of marketing writing.

I am currently a 4 star writer for textbroker.com and I ran a landscaping business for 5 years. Marketing was the best part!

Has experience working in web content editors or content management systems such as WordPress

I sure do.

Has some knowledge of HTML or CSS (or learns fast!).

I am editing this text in HTML.
Close paragraph. Close blockquote.

Has an eye for design and web page layouts.

Don’t you think this is a beautiful web page?

Knows the difference between “your” and “you’re” and gets pretty seriously irked when people misuse those (or commit other grammatical sins).

Your description of what you’re looking for is exactly what I want to be doing.
You’re asking some great questions.

Works well in a collaborative team,

I wish someone were here to collaborate with on this ever sprawling job application/website I’ve gotten myself into.

Also has no problem sitting at a computer all day.

I’ll be here if you need me.

Is a master of research and knows the ins and outs of surfing the web to find obscure information.

By utilizing Google Search Operators, Keywords, MOZ, WHOIS, and genuine curiosity in uncovering valuable information; I am able to find just about anything.

Learns fast, loves a challenge, and is ready to jump right into the thick of things!

I learn very fast, I love a challenge, and I’ve been researching the techniques of what it takes to be a successful Real-Estate Copywriter, and the inner workings of MLSs, RETS, and how the industry works from a marketing standpoint since I first saw that you were hiring a week ago.  I have been building a website to present as my resume, it will be published shortly. I am ready to go!



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